• Ammunition Loading Machines made in the USA


The purpose of cannelure (i.e. a circumferential groove generally of corregated appearance cut or impressed into a bullet) is to hold the bullet in the case and is used when a crimp is applied to the Cannalure Machinecase and bullet.  Ammo Load Worldwide manufactures custom cannelure machines to your specifications.


Ammo Load uses the same chassis as the cannelure machine to resize cases after firing.  The exterior appearance of the sizing machine is the same as the cannelure.

  • It is available for both pistol and rifle bullets (requires separate machines).
  • Pistol bullet cannelure position is referenced from the heel of the bullet.
  • Rifle bullet cannelure position is referenced from the tip of the bullet.
  • Available in single or double feed. 90 PPM in single or 180 PPM in double.
  • Add images of both pistol and rifle cannelured bullets.


  • Rotary Bullet Collators
  • Collator Stands
  • Bulk Bullet Feed System
  • Conversion kits available.
  • An additional collator conversion kit is required for certain calibers.
  • Add images of cannelure machine with collators and bulk feeds.