• Ammunition Loading Machines made in the USA

Ammunition Industry Support

Machine Design and Development

Rotary Drum Washers & Tumblers
•    Special Drums (Insulated, Coated, Stainless Steel, etc.)
•    Redesign and replace “Baird” washer mainframes
•    Service existing tumbler lines

Parts Handling Equipment
•    Complete turn-key feed systems
•    Custom built frames with hoists mounted to machine for parts loading
•    Hoppers and lids
•    Metal Pallets
•    Gaylords
•    Slug Catching bins
•    Low-boys
•    Transfer hoppers
•    Rotary pin ring feeders (bullet jackets, drawn cups and shell cases)
•    Bulk feed systems
•    Magazines to feed bullets, cores, cups, jackets, and shell cases
•    Troubleshooting feed systems to optimize output
•    Duplex transfer presses
•    Lead reels and magazines
•    Lead press tooling (sleeves and nosepieces)
•    Assembly plates
•    Paint machines
•    Miscellaneous header fingers
•    Turnover pistons and nosepieces
•    Helix magazines
•    Header magazines for re-strike and swage
•    Primer packaging funnels and turnover units
•    Cannelure wheels, parts and assemblies
Howell lead bullet Swage press
•    Wire feed
•    Wire shear
•    Rotary transfer
•    Bullet die with lead “weap” and ejector
•    Heading punch on ram
•    120 PPM
•    Table top mounted – multiple presses can be mounted side-by-side for ease of operation
Pre Engineered Machinery
•    Plate parts shakers (electric or hydraulic)
•    Mouth trim machines
•    Trim and taper machines
•    Turnover machines and devices
•    Hydraulic assembly presses complete with 16″ cylinders
•    Wire uncoilers
•    Powder level detectors
•    Packaging tables
•    Cupping press detector blocks
•    Cup pick-out units
•    Primer die sets with pins and shear plates
•    Heavy duty storage cabinets
•    Machine guarding
Machine Rebuilding
•    Presses
•    Swage headers
•    Brut or Blackrock headturn / mouthtrim machines
•    Custom machinery
•    Upgrades
•    Tanks – all types, repair and relining old tanks
•    Coatings on all tanks (polyerea and polyurethane)
•    Plating barrel/frame assemblies with polyerea
•    Plating frame drive shafts and idler shafts
•    Catwalk – anticorrosion
•    Drives – saddles and gearbox brackets
•    Insulated and secondary containment tanks
Ammo Load Machine
•    New machine
•    Set-up for specialty applications
•    Shot shell and capsule feed systems
•    Spare parts and rebuild
Reclamation and Ammo Reprocessing Equipment
•    Production bullet extraction machines
•    Primer grinders and tooling
•    Rollers and cutters