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Mark L - Automatic Rifle Ammunition Loader


In 2009 Ammo Load Worldwide introduced the new Mark L automatic rifle ammunition loader in .223 and .308.  Many of the proven features from the Mark X pistol machine have been incorporated into the Mark L to provide precise and consistent rifle cartridge loading at approximately 3,600 rounds per hour.  All of the sensors and switches use fiber optic technology to increase accuracy and reduce maintenance.  The Mark L utilizes a 3 station powder drop to maintain charges to within 1/10th of a grain.


The Mark L rifle loading machine has 11 stations: 


1.  Sizing/ Flash Hole Check / Ringer Check / Case Check

2.  Mouth Flare

3.  Priming

4.  Primer Check / 1st Powder Drop

5.  2nd Powder Drop

6.  3rd Powder Drop

7.  Powder Check

8.  Initial Bullet Seating

9.  Final Bullet Seating

10.  Crimp / Bullet in Case Check

11.  Eject

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