• Ammunition Loading Machines made in the USA


Conversion kits allow one Ammo Load machine to produce a variety of calibers of ammunition.  Changeovers can be as quick as 15 minutes (38 Spc to 357 Mag) or as long as 4 hours for more complex conversions.  Access to the underside of the machine is critical for efficient conversions, which is why we offer a heavy duty table for the Mark X with a hinged flip top.  Conversion kits are available for the Mark X, Mark IV and some models of the Mark III. An additional collator conversion kit is required for certain calibers.


* A special Conversion Kit is available which contains only those parts necessary to convert between 38 Special and 357 Magnum.  This is due to the limited number of parts involved in such a conversion.  Conversion between the two calibers takes approximately 15 minutes.


  • A quick change S.M.E.D. head is available. Add image.
  • An additional collator conversion kit is required for certain calibers.

Standard conversion kits are available for .223 and .308.  Other Conversion kits available in calibers up to 338 Lapua.


Classification Caliber
Standard 38 Special*
Standard 357 Magnum*
Standard 45 ACP
Standard 9MM
Standard 40 S&W
Special Order 38 S&W
Special Order 380 Auto
Special Order 44 Magnum
Special Order 44 S&W
Custom Order 10MM, 38 Auto, 41 Mag, 45 LC
Custom Order 38 Super
Custom Order 25 Auto, 32 Auto, 32 S&W-L, 32 S&W-S
Custom Order 30 Carbine (rifle cartridge)
Custom Order 44/40 (rifle cartridge)
Custom Order 30 Luger