• Ammunition Loading Machines made in the USA


In 2009 Ammo Load Worldwide introduced the new Mark LV automatic rifle ammunition loader available in all calibers up to 338 Lapua.  Many of the proven features from the Mark X pistol machine have been incorporated into the Mark LV to provide precise and consistent rifle cartridge loading at approximately 3,600 rounds per hour.  All of the sensors and switches use fiber optic technology to increase accuracy and reduce maintenance.  The Mark LV utilizes a 3 station powder drop to maintain charges to within +/- 1/10 of a grain of ball powder.


Each loading machine contains 11 stations with electronic sensors to ensure accurate loads for each cartridge.

Checks the flash hole and primer pocket for obstructions as well as sizing if needed

Bell die flares the mouth of the case so a projectile can easily be seated

Holds down the case and seats the primer

Checks for a primer

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Three powder drop stations for increased production. First two station are fixed with the last being adjustable for fine tuning

Checks powder in the case by volume

Projectiles drop down from the collator and are shuttled forward to be pre-seated in the case.

Final seat of projectile to desired length

Crimps the case and checks for a projectile

Guides the finished cartridge down the drop out tube


Available options for Mark LV:

  • Rotary Pillar Case Collator
  • Rotary Bullet Collator
  • Automatic primer tube filler
  • Bulk case and bullet feed system.
  • Rifle caliber conversion kits
  • Quick Change S.M.E.D. head assembly
  • Hyperlink to conversion kit page