• Ammunition Loading Machines made in the USA


For over 30 years Ammo Load machines have served ammunition manufacturers, commercial loaders, private shooting ranges, foreign governments and numerous law enforcement agencies. From one man operations to large commercial loaders, Ammo Load equipment enables them to control costs, as well as inventory levels and ammunition quality.

The Ammo Load is designed with the operator in mind. Particular attention to safety, convenience, and efficiency is reflected throughout.

In terms of speed, the Ammo Load is set to run at its maximum of just over 5,000 cycles per hour. This speed may be reduced if loading at a more leisurely pace is desired. Many users produce between 3,000 and 5,000 rounds per hour. The primary factors governing the quality and quantity of ammunition produced is the quality of the components, particularly the cases, the caliber, and the capabilities of the operator.


The Ammo Load Mark X is the same exact machine as the Mark IV. The model name was changed to reflect which machines were made under the new ownership, Ammo Load Worldwide, Inc. We are pleased to carry on the high quality tradition of the Ammo Load. Comes tooled in 1 pistol caliber and conversion kits are available.

Checks case for debris or a primer in the case

Sizes the top 2/3 of the case, can also hold a decap pin for depriming a spent case.

Holds case firmly down to the machine so a primer can be installed

Bells the case mouth for easier bullet installation

Drops a specific amount of powder into the case

Checks for proper amount of powder in the case

Installs bullet into the case and sets the final OAL of the round

Crimps the case mouth

Sizes just the area of the case that the bullet is sitting in


The Ammo Load is built to meet your specific loading requirements. Designed to run any of the calibers we offer, you can choose a machine or a conversion kit from among eighteen different calibers. Depending on the calibers involved, conversion takes approximately ½ to 4 hours and can be performed by the operator. Conversion kits are sold separately. Comes tooled in 1 pistol caliber and conversion kits are available. Add hyperlink to conversion kits page.

Available options for Mark X:

  • Rotary Pillar Case Collator
  • Rotary Bullet Collator
  • Automatic primer tube filler
  • Heavy duty flip top table
  • Bulk case and bullet feed system.
  • Adjustable powder shuttle feed system to replace standard disc system.
  • Bullet feed shuttle system to replace disc system